Vacuum Pump | V-i260SV / V-i280SV

Vacuum Pump | V-i260SV / V-i280SV

New Refrigerant


High Reliability

1. Suitable for R410a,R407c,R134a , R12, R22 refrigerant

2. High accuracy vacuum gauge shows system pressure

3. Automatic anti-backfiow valve design

4. Integrated body structure

5. Big sight glass for monitoring oil level

Model   V-i260SV V-i280SV
Flow Rate 50Hz 5.0CFM 7.0CFM
    142L/min 198L/min
  60HZ 6.0CFM 8.0CFM
    170L/min 226L/min
Ultimate Vacuum Partial Pressure 2*10-1Pa 2*10-1Pa
  Total Pressure 15 micron 15 micron
Power   3/4HP 1HP
Inlet Port   1/4"Flare 1/4"Flare
Oil capacity   580ml 500ml
Dimensions   395*145*318mm 395*145*318mm
Weigh   16.6Kg 17.0Kg


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