VDG-1 digital manifold gauge

Detects 44 refrigerants
Built in refrigerants: R11, R123, R404A, R414B, R66A, R428A, R12, R124, R406A, R744, R426A, R417A, R13, R134a, R407A, R422A, 1234yf, R437A, R22, R290, R407C, R422D, R424A, R23, R410A, R408A, R427A, R434A, R728, R32, R401B, R409A, R502, R422B, R113, R402A, R507A, R416A, R114, R402B, R413A, R508B, R402A

Includes clamp probe for temperature
Pressure range: 14.5-725psi
Operating temperature: 10-90% RH

Tools HVAC Manifold VDG-1


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