Machinery PW-33 Hand Held Pin Spotter

Hand Held Pin Spotter - 748


The PW-33 hand haeld pin spotter has been specially developed to provide high quality welds quickly. The intergrated timer helps achieve trouble free welding on sheet metal up to 22 gauge.

PW-33 is proven worldwide as a reliable, quality pin welder for medium to heavy duty applications. The PW-33 can weld up to 8 pins per minute on 22 gauge and is bale to be used single-handedly.

Machinery PW-33 Hand Held Pin Spotter

SKU: 748
    • Resistance: 220V/16A
    • Weight: 4KG
    • Pin type: Spot on 2 - 2.2mm x 19 - 140mm
    • Materials: Glavanised steel, cold rolled sheet metal


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