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All ventilation ducts leak. It’s just a matter of how much. Even ducting installed to a very high standard will have some air loss and we can remedy this quickly and effectively. The sealing progress is live graphed as we work, so you can watch the leaks disappearing.
We can seal ducts within hours to improve a building's energy performance, balancing between zones, thermal comfort and indoor air quality. And save you money on your power bills and HVAC operating costs.

Aeroseal technology has been used in the US for over 20 years [read US case studies] and is successful in Europe [read European case studies] and Australia.

  • For laboratory, electronic and medical facilities, internal duct sealing means airborne hazards can be better isolated and controlled, that contaminated air is effectively removed, and clean, safe air is supplied.

  • Find out more about airflow hygiene


  • Our duct sealing team can help service providers and facility managers get ready for NABERSNZ, show energy management initiative, and come out ahead on performance evaluations.

  • Find out more about energy savings

  • We can help ductwork installers meet commissioning targets, quickly, especially when tolerances are tight.

  • When you need to get across the line at commissioning, we can help get you there before penalties are incurred.

  • You can be confident you’ll pass an IANZ airtightness test based on our results.

  • And because the technology seals ducts from the inside, legacy issues like limited access are not a problem for Aeroseal.

  • Find out more about the duct sealing process


Other ducting repair and remediation methods to reach airtightness targets can involve :
  • Scaffolding (We recommend Affordable Scaffolding)

  • Abseiling

  • Working at heights or confined spaces

  • Accessing ductwork behind walls and ceilings, and inadequate access panels and hatches for manual repair

  • Smoke testing to locate air leaks

  • Pressure tests to confirm air tightness is acceptable

  • Business interruption and hours of labour while workers find, access and manually repair leaks with mastic and tape

With Aeroseal, we just need one access point to fix leaky ducts.

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